Islamic History

Find out what happened during the life of the Khulfae Rashidun and other time periods throughout Islam's vast history. Read fascinating biographical accounts of the companions of the Prophet and learn how to apply Islam to your daily life by exploring the lives of these brilliant individuals. Search for Islamic references, Islamic translations and traditional Islamic interpretation of verses from Alim.

About Islam

Gain knowledge about Islam as a global religion or use the content for Da'wa work.
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khalifa Aboobacker

Learn complete history and method of governing from the first caliphate of Islam.
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khalifa Ali bin Abu Talib

Learn the history of the most humble caliphate of Islamic empire.
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khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab

Take a peek at the complete history of Khalifa Umar who mastered the art of governing Islamic empire .
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Khalifa Uthman ibn Affan

Increase your iman from reading the history of the most knowledge caliphate of Islamic history.
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Prophet Companions

Teach your children the history of prophet companions and their noble contributions towards Islam.
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Prophet Stories

Teach your children prophet stories to build their character and build Islamic virtue of humility.
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History Timeline

Understand Islamic history to see how it has evolved over centuries and how it has contributed to the world and human race. .
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